Three things you might not know acupuncture can treat!

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With acupuncture becoming a widely used modality for health care, many people have used the medicine successfully for the treatment of pain, but there are many other things that can be treated with acupuncture.

Since acupuncture addresses the entire body, including circulation, the immune system, the nervous system, digestion, detoxification, and tissue repair, it has many important applications.  Here are a few people are often surprised by;

1. Inflammation

Inflammation is a healthy immune response unless it becomes frequent or chronic.  Many people have imbalances in the functioning of their immune systems leading to either an overreactive system or a weakened ability to fight off illness.  Whether it is allergies, arthritis, muscle pain, or the common cold, the body’s immune video marketing system can be regulated through regular acupuncture treatments.  This means an overactive immune system can be quieted and an underactive immune system can be strengthened.  People frequently report an improvement in allergies, mobility, and pain and have less frequent colds when they are receiving regular acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps with inflamation

2. Menopausal Symptoms

Acupuncture works on the endocrine system to balance the body’s hormones through balancing the Yin and Yang of the Kidneys.  Treatment also clears any inappropriate heat in the body.  This new balance allows for the passage through menopause without hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, and mood swings.  Menopause is often a time when women begin taking medications to combat difficult symptoms. These medications are then often taken for the rest of a person’s life.  Supporting the body holistically through this natural phase can allow a person to live an unmedicated life.

3. Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

There are many different diagnoses in Chinese Medicine that can result in a psychoemotional upset.  Many factors are considered when creating the appropriate treatment protocol for a patient struggling with stress, anxiety, and/or depression.  Common treatments focus on calming the mind and spirit as well as tonifying the Blood and Qi (the body’s energy).  Any past emotional or physical trauma can be carried in the body and block the body’s normal function. These blockages are also cleared to help a person move forward into their present life.  People often report falling asleep easier, staying asleep and sleeping more soundly as well as waking refreshed while receiving regular acupuncture. This is an extremely important first step in healing and resetting the body’s nervous system.

Acupuncture helps relieve stress anxiety depression

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Lishanna Emmert, DAOM, L.Ac

Lishanna Emmert, DAOM, L.Ac

Dr. Emmert has been treating chronic pain for 15 years. After obtaining her Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she went on to do a Doctoral Program through the Henan University In China, then a second Doctoral program in San Jose, CA.