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Lishanna has really supported my healing process. Just a few months ago I could hardly stand or walk I was in so much pain. Working with Lishanna has helped me get out of pain and for Thanksgiving this year I decided to try and walk from the beach, down to the water and dip my feet in the ocean again. It had been over 3 years and really a decade since I was able to walk freely on the beach or support myself walking in the waves unaided.
It felt like a miracle. I walked down to the water, walked in the water and was able to walk the beach for 20 minutes and walk back over the sand to my car without any pain. Nor was I in any pain the next day. No swelling, just feet and ankles that worked painlessly. I feel renewed. I will be forever grateful to Lishanna for her confidence in my ability to heal my feet and ankles. I now have the confidence that comes with standing on my own 2 feet, moving forward in life more embodied and painfree.

I recommend her and the folks at her office whole heartedly.

TR, Santa Cruz

Hello Dr. Lishanna,

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and a delight talking to you. We were impressed by your care, expertise and attention to detail.
My first acupuncture experience was very pleasant. The soreness I felt was very minimal and lasted only for the rest of that day. I'm still impressed with the benefits of the acupuncture session and how long they last. Swelling of my knees, ankles and legs went way down and pain decreased also. Looking forward to my next session.

Thank you, I'm excited to work with you and highly appreciate your help.

GM, Santa Cruz

Lishanna is my newest obsession. I've been struggling with an ailment that was deemed "chronic" but also the my dr didn't seem to concerned to identify the root issue. Not only did I feel calm and cared for, lishanna brought up secondary tests I didn't even know existed. And omg . Forty five minutes later I'd say my pain dropped from a 7 or 8 to a 2 maybe even less. I'll be continuing on with her for a long time to come. And even more for an acupuncture newbie she was gentle and soothing. Seriously a win win . Left feeling relaxed and pain free. Amazing

MJD, Santa Cruz

In 30 minutes of acupuncture treatment, Dr. Emmert was able to quiet the shooting pains in my legs that have plagued me since childhood.


I have been in chronic pain for years, 4 Back surgeries, 2 knee replacement, Rheumatoid Arthritis, nerve pain the list goes on. So many times friends have suggested Acupuncture as a therapy for my pain. I'm finally glad I listened to them and that I found Jessica at Solis. Jessica is very knowledgeable, she explains everything she is doing and she puts me at ease during my treatments. I'm a huge fan of cupping, it has made a big difference in my back spasms. If your looking for a noninvasive way to deal with pain, check out will not regret it!


This is my second treatment, for weight loss. On first treatment I mentioned that I constantly have to urinate as well. 1 week later my urination is much less frequent and controllable. My eating habits prior to treatment were hunger 24-7, always hungry never full. After 1st treatment with Lishanna my hunger has been well under control, I eat way less and am content with what I eat. Feel 100% better. On 2nd visit my knee hurt from prior injury I was also helped with this. There's no pain in treatments, everybody is very kind, its a wonderful experience, I would recommend this to anyone.

TN, Santa Cruz

Wow! This place is amazing. I've learned a lot about acupuncture from coming here they really explain everything in detail and get deep down to the real root of your problems. The cupping - I could cry just thinking about it because it felt so darn good!! This place really learns where your problems are stemming from in just a short amount of time. I am a believer.

WN, Watsonville

I've been getting acupuncture treatments for over 16 years now & have had several different practitioners over the years. I started going to Daniele last year & she is hands down THE BEST! It doesn't matter what ailment I go in there with because I always leave feeling better. She is so intuitive; a true healer. Thanks Daniele.

CC, Santa Cruz

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